Meet Natalie & Sharon, a mother-daughter team working together to TAKE ART OFF THE WALL and into your interior designs. Art has a new canvas & it's luxury textiles. Sharon is the artist, using her scientific background to apply precision and realism to her art subjects through an unusual lens. Natalie then takes the art and creates unique patterns for the textile designs to sprinkle throughout your home. Stemming from the idea of using the finest materials to convey simplistic views of a face, portrait artistry is how we see the world.



Every layer of paint requires time and attention to develop shapes with exact proportions. Adjustments are made with every brush stroke, creating unique features that draw out each individual portrait. With the most primitive materials--water, graphite, and a pigment composed of iron oxide--Sharon enjoys the challenge of portraying the nuances of color in only black and white. 

We believe that art should be accessible and part of our daily lives such that we appreciate the simple beauty captured in pieces familiar yet unexpected.

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