Who We Are

Draw(n) Out began from an image, a black watercolor portrait on plain white paper. Stemming from the idea of using the finest materials to convey simplistic views of a face, portrait artistry is how we see the world. Our goal is to make art accessible using textiles to enhance a home, office or workspace. We want people to be able to easily bring our art into their lives or gift it to someone they love. As a mother-daughter team, we have unique chemistry and are always pushing each other's limits to make our art better. We are a Los Angeles based company and source all of our materials within our own community.


shakespeare and beeriguana on pillow

cat and mouse

Meet the artist: Sharon Veenhof

Sharon is a true Los Angeles native. Having studied biochemistry and engineering, she sees the blank canvas as a problem to be solved. She approaches her portraits with the meticulous eye of a scientist, focusing on the details that define her subjects.

Every layer of paint requires time and attention to develop shapes with exact proportions. Adjustments are made with every brush stroke, creating unique features that draw out each individual portrait. With the most primitive materials--water, graphite, and a pigment composed of iron oxide--she enjoys the challenge of portraying the nuances of color in only black and white. 

She believes that art should be accessible and part of our daily lives such that we appreciate the simple beauty captured in pieces familiar yet unexpected.